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Tax Planning

We specialize in creative tax planning solutions to to avoid costly tax pitfalls and minimize potential tax problems that can otherwise challenge your family’s financial future. Inadequate tax planning can erode your wealth legacy and leave your heirs in the negative. Having a proper plan ensures that you:

  • Have a complete “stronghold” suite of tax planning solutions, fully customizable and monitored to meet the ongoing needs of your family’s business and welfare;
  • Minimize family income taxes and death duties by creating an ownership structure utilizing tax-advantaged trusts and family holding companies – both onshore and offshore;
  • Maximize your family’s after-tax income and capital wealth through the strategic alignment of structures and legal entities with your family’s tax affairs;
  • Timely and reliable filing of required tax returns to ensure up-to-date and penalty-free tax compliance;
  • Manage your family’s financial responsibilities as business owners and taxpayers.