Planned Philanthropy

We help you achieve your family’s charitable giving objectives through a cost and tax-effective legacy you can be proud of.  We help you develop a plan in the manner best suited to you, whether it be through a one-time gift, donor-advised funds, strategic use of insurance, or a family charitable foundation.

Strategic charitable gift planning can reduce tax payable on death and/or during your lifetime.

Our team can help you eliminate tax on capital gains by donating marketable securities to a registered charity, including your private charitable foundation.

We can assist you to nurture enduring family commitment and direction by donating assets to a family-governed private charitable foundation to serve as a family legacy for following generations.

We can also help you to provide an opportunity for family members to take responsibility as directors and/or for program design, implementation and investment management for your private charitable foundation.

Our team can also help you to establish endowment funds in your name with public charitable entities, through initial seed funding, allowing others to contribute to your endowment fund in the future.