Our Team

Forvest Family Offices is an internationally-recognized group of multi-family offices with corporate locations in Geneva, Monaco, Canada and Barbados. Forvest provides wealth management services and global planning to high-net-worth family clients and their businesses. Its mission is to provide the highest level of trustworthy, professional, wealth management services on an international scale, with secure and reliable Canadian and Barbadian connections. We take pride in being a single resource for wealthy families to meet their multi-generational estate planning objectives; including preserving, managing, enhancing and passing on their legacy and wealth to future generations.

In combination with several leading international financial institutions, including professional advisors from a number of jurisdictions, Forvest has assembled the pre-eminent  wealth management team to help each family facilitate and create a multi-generational, wealth preservation platform to accomplish its desired objectives and achieve harmony and  financial longevity.  This team of professionals and established institutions can provide an array of financial opportunities (including credit, investment services, trade execution, derivatives and hedge fund services, currency services), comprehensive financial and strategic planning and asset protection, fiduciary management services (including escrow, trust and corporate management services), international tax planning, creative uses of insurance, legal, dispute resolution and real estate advice.

Our team consults, advises and structures innovative transactions for families with multi-jurisdictional challenges.  Our services enable families to establish long-term, stable family architecture for managing personal property, investments, business assets, and planned philanthropy. 

While implementation and strategy will differ for each country and family, Forvest ensures our solutions are fully compliant with local laws and practices on an ongoing basis.

The Forvest Family Offices team works directly with seasoned professionals and internationally-recognized firms and financial institutions in Canada and Barbados, as well as other associates in strategic international locations.