Our Approach

Forvest Family Offices provide customized and sophisticated planning and family office services to high-net-worth clients around the globe. In combination with several leading international financial institutions and professional advisors in a number of jurisdictions, the Forvest team specializes in creating multi-generational, wealth preservation platforms to accomplish each family’s unique financial objectives.

  • After the initial Discover Stage where we interview you to identify issues and select problems to be dealt with, we move to the Creative Solution Phase;

  • We establish a protocol, determine solutions and prepare recommendations;

  • Our solutions may include legal structures, possible ownership through a trust or a holding company, and the establishment of a private charitable foundation;

  • We work with you to develop a governance structure for the family, starting with regular family meetings and the establishment of a workable structure that may include a family assembly (rule-making body) and a family council (judicial body);

  • We help you to develop proven policies, such as employment and compensation for those involved in the family business, as well as roles for those family members not so involved;

  • We help you to develop processes for the family, including education and development of owners of the family business, and financial initiatives for family members not involved in the the business.