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Estate Planning

Your estate plan should seamlessly facilitate multi-generation wealth preservation and succession planning.  Our team of cross-disciplinary experts customizes and coordinates a comprehensive long-term succession plan, based on your individual family and business assets, dynamics, strengths and weaknesses.  Typically we assist families with:

  • Family business succession with a view to achieving harmony and success;
  • Designing structures to motivate future generations and preserve and reinforce family values;
  • Strategically distributing wealth to your family over time;
  • Preparing and coordinating complimentary wills, trusts and powers of attorneys customized to your unique circumstances;
  • Discrete and proactive planning for substitute decision making concerns;
  • Creating trusts and other structures to ensure privacy and confidentiality;
  • Strategic planning for special-needs family members;
  • Facilitating cross-border planning to ensure the most efficient succession of foreign assets.