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Asset Protection

We customize asset protection strategies to address your unique financial goals and asset composition. Responding to your individual concerns, we recommend and oversee the implementation of specialized solutions, utilizing trusts, corporations, insurance and other vehicles, such as:

  • Structuring a principal residence trust to hold the family home, preserving your tax exemption while ensuring flexibility and creditor protection;
  • Utilizing alter ego and joint partner trusts for persons 65 and over;
  • Strategic use of offshore trusts and foundations where relevant and cost-effective;
  • Structuring beneficiary designations for life insurance and RRSP’s to pass assets outside the estate and establishing insurance trusts to protect your beneficiaries;
  • Utilizing discretionary or spendthrift trusts for your beneficiaries who may have spending issues, creditor concerns or exposure from family claims;
  • Facilitating elder asset management through the use of trusts to protect assets from potential predators.